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Virus Recovery

The biggest problem with today's viruses is that even with an up-to-date anti-virus, they can easily trick a user into downloading them, by saying it is an upgrade to current software, or even bypass the installed anti-virus altogether. They then link themselves to data and begin the corruption process. Viruses will also attach themselves to files being sent via email so they can continue to distribute their plague. Computer viruses are either spread by opening attachments in emails, instant messaging, downloading files on the internet, or even opening and unsafe webpage. Viruses are hidden or embedded among images, music, and other files. Once a virus is on a computer it can quickly shut down all security.Getting a virus is so frustrating because sometimes a person doesn't even know that their hard drive has been infected. Symptoms of a virus are that the computer begins running slow for no apparent reason, some programs and files will not open, or the computer randomly re-boots itself, or produces lots of errors. Once a virus gets onto a computer it is imperative that it is removed as quickly as possible because the longer it is on the computer, the higher the chances are that the virus can hack into passwords, bank accounts, and gain other personal information.

Viruses don't cause physical damage to a hard drive; they just cause corruption to the data files. This jumbles the code needed to read and open material.

These are all common signs that a drive has been infected with a virus.
  • The computer is running slower or sluggish.
  • The computer comes up with errors or freezes.
  • The computer restarts on its own.
  • Files and programs are no longer accessible or work incorrectly
  • Drive are no longer accessible
  • Strange error messages pop up
  • Double extensions on image files that are opened
  • Antivirus software is disabled for no apparent reason
  • Antivirus can not be re-installed or ran
  • Random icons appear on the desktop.
  • Strange sounds or music plays from speakers
  • Programs disappear even without being personally removed.
  • Viruses don't always show up with a virus scan

Symptoms of Worms & Trojan Horse Viruses
More specific symptoms that could mean there is a virus on a hard drive
  • An infected file may copy itself
  • After copying itself, it will then send itself to all recipients in an email address book.
  • The virus may install pirated software that will then be sold and distributed from a person's computer!
  • The virus can reformat a hard drive--causing data to be deleted.
  • The virus can reduce internet security which allows third parties to access the computer.