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  • We truly have been in this industry for over 15 years!
  • Totally Free Evaluations for standard service. Even for RAID systems.
  • No BS, Risk-Free Guarantee: No data recovered, No charge for standard service.
  • Our standard hard drive recovery service is typically 5 to 7 business days.
  • Your recovered data is returned on a new external USB hard drive at no additional cost.
  • We do not use fake (virtual) offices and drop and ship locations like our competitors do.

Our data recovery labs and service centers are real...

We don't use fake (virtual) business addresses like many other data recovery companies who claim to be located in St Louis and perform local data recovery. There are no data recovery services or staff at a virtual office. The address is real, but no physical space is allocated to a virtual office. It's a deception.

Companies who use virtual addresses just want you to think they perform hard drive recoveries locally, so they can get your business. However, as soon as your hard drive is dropped off (handed over to the lobby receptionist), it is shipped by the building's staff to an office or lab elsewhere. This is a very deceptive practice, common in the data recovery industry. It is legal but not ethical, of course. Google the address you're considering taking your hard drive to, and if you find other businesses using the same address and suite number, you can bet that your drive will be shipped out of state and that your data will not be recovered at the location where you dropped it off.

As Zig Ziglar says, "If they lie to you about that, what else will they lie to you about?"

To help you cut through the BS so you know the company you choose to perform your data recovery is not hiding behind a facade, here are some key questions you need to ask and some facts you should know.

We specialize in recovering data from crashed hard drives, multiple RAID drive failure, offline RAID arrays, laptop hard drives, desktops and servers. We also recover files from flash drives, camera cards, tapes and virtually all storage media.

Because we utilize the most advanced data recovery technology and recovery techniques, our services can save your data when others can't. When you experience hard drive failure, RAID failure, software corruption, and human error (accidentally deleting files or formatting a hard drive).

Since 1997 ADR Data Recovery has successfully recovered data for Missouri businesses, government agencies, students and home users like University Hematology Oncology, US Tape and Label Corp, Sheehan PipeLine Const Co, Wagner Industries, and hundred's more. We can recover your data too.

Our data recovery services include recovering vital business files and personal data like photos and documents from crashed, clicking, unbootable computers, failed hard drives, servers and RAID systems.

When disasters like flooding, hurricane, lightning or fire strike, our data recovery engineers can be counted on to get your company data back online fast!

To protect your data and your equipment from further damage and permanent loss, please turn off your system and write down the symptoms you are experiencing. For example, a hard drive making a clicking sound, RAID drives in degraded mode, RAID controller failure, empty containers, volume not mounting or recognized, a BIOS error, or multiple hard drive failure.

When you need your data recovered fast, 24/7 Emergency hard drive recovery for St Louis is available for time-critical situations!

Every day we recover data from all brands of hard drives from all manufacturers...

Please call before you bring your hard drive or storage devices to one of our data recovery service centers so we can schedule a free diagnosis and evaluation for you.
Emergency data recovery services
are available when you need your data recovered fast and are in a time-critical situation.

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Hard drive recovery facts: Things you need to know
Data Recovery Facts :
Things you need to know to prevent data loss in the future and so you can make a smart choice about getting your data recovered now...

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