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If your card is not reading, not recognized in your camera or computer or you get an error message saying it is corrupt, unreadable or the card needs to be formatted, give us a call.


The engineers at Advanced Data Recovery are experts at recovering lost and deleted pictures from camera cards and other digital media. If your flash memory card is corrupt or won't read we can help!

In most cases your pictures and files can be recovered!
We recover ALL SD cards, Compact Flash Memory cards, Memory Sticks, type H XD picture cards and type M XD-Picture cards. Flash memory cards and SD camera cards can become unreadable, corrupt, or fail to be recognized in your camera. You may want to recover pictures of family, a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, a wedding or other events. Perhaps you're an artist, doctor, dentist, realtor, land surveyor, insurance agent, or crime scene investigator and you need to recover digital images for documentation or case studies.

Some of the manufacturers of flash memory cards, memory sticks or SD cards we recover data from include:

We can recover data from deleted, corrupted, damaged, and even formatted flash memory cards and digital camera media like SD picture cards, compact flash cards, XD picture cards, and memory sticks and hi-speed USB flash hard drives. Typical media file types include .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .tif, .png, .raw, .pcx, or .png.

Digital pictures can become lost in different ways.

In any case, the chances of recovering lost digital photos is very high. Below are the options for getting pictures back, but first the most important thing is to not use, save, or download any other files to the camera card that the pictures have been lost from. WHY? Because once something has been deleted, it is a "ghost" file that is just hidden until new data has been saved over the "ghosted" file space. Once that happens, no one will be able to get the original document back!

Online Data Recovery:
If there is no physical damage to your camera card, we can connect to you using our online data recovery utilities and quickly get your pictures back. Any type of memory card can potentially be recovered through our online data recovery services. This is a great option because you don't have to send your camera card to a company and have to worry about it getting lost.

Memory Cards:
Pictures can be recovered from the camera card. There is no need to send your camera to any company, just the card is all we need.

If no new data has been saved over the deleted pictures, the recovery rate for digital pictures is about 97%

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