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Have you had multiple drive failure on your RAID?

Often times when one drive goes down on your RAID, several more will quickly follow suit. This is because once a drive fails on a RAID array; it puts a demanding, working stress on the rest of the hard drives in the system. If you have hardware or software all of the drives are sharing, it is possible for it to become partially corrupt and affect every drive on the array, causing the whole RAID to crash.

If your RAID drives have gone down, the best thing for you to do is call a professional data recovery company to find out more information on what is going on with your RAID drive, why that happened, and what steps need to be taken for recovery of your data. You should not try any repair yourself, unless you have knowledge and experience in this field. In order to Re-build, mirror, or re-stripe  failed RAID drives are more complex and require more tools and specialized training to know how to swap drives, partition, re-stripe, rebuild & fix a degraded RAID drives. It is very easy to think recovering a RAID drive is similar to a single drive system and try recovery yourself, but in reality, it’s quite different and very easy to do something that causes the data in that area or the whole drive to become unrecoverable. 

If you have attempted recovery, it does not mean we can not get your data back for you. Even if you have re-striped an area of a drive, we are still able to retrieve the rest of the data off of the RAID drives.

Give us a call to find out more information on why your RAID drive crashed and what needs to be done to your data back.

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