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Degraded RAID Array

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If you are getting a 'degraded array' or "critical' warning then part or all of your RAID array drives are missing or inaccessible. This is caused from one or all of the drives on the RAID being corrupt, or going offline and not communicating correctly with the rest of the drives on the array.

When one of your RAID drives fails, you are operating in a degraded or corrupted mode. When your array is in a degraded state, one of the drives is no longer available, is failing, is missing configuration files or is scrambled so it can no longer read the data off of that drive. This causes the other drives in your RAID to compensate and work harder, at a reduced performance. Because one drive is already corrupt and causing the rest of the array to work harder, this can also result in the rest of the drives in the array becoming degraded, very quickly, even by the end of that work day, if use is continued.

Is your RAID in a corrupt, degraded, or offline mode and lost your client, tax, inventory, or other business records?

Are you afraid of losing all of the data because one or more of the drives in your RAID array is showing one of these states?

What you should do:
When you have a degraded RAID you should immediately turn off the whole system, so it does not put an extra work load on the rest of the array. You should immediately call a professional data recovery company to ask any questions you have, what the procedures for recovery are and if your array is recoverable, before you attempt any type of recover yourself. We have the tools and experience to work on any type of RAID and any amount of drives on your RAID system

What not to do if your RAID fails:
Because RAID arrays use mirror or striping, they are very vulnerable when in a degraded or corrupt mode. This means, the rest of the drives could immediately follow suit in the failure. It is very important for successful recovery not to try rebuilding, re-striping, or swapping drives, unless you have experience and knowledge in this field. Too many times, we have received RAID arrays that could have been recovered before the individual tried to solve the problem on their own and caused greater damage to the RAID.

Is a degraded or corrupt mode, common?
It is not any more common that any other type of failure to RAID or single disk drive. It just happens. From age, or something that happened or was done to the drive.

What causes this to happen?
There are a number of reasons a RAID will fail and become degraded.

1. If you add an incompatible drive or hardware that conflicts with the system, it can cause it to go offline.
2. You have software corruption
3. A virus or controller failure
4. Your configuration becomes corrupt or damaged
5. The server crashes and won’t re-mount.
6. Corrupt data can be caused from over-writing files or scratches on the platters surface.

We needed our RAID data yesterday! How soon can we get it back?
We have emergency service, which is a 2-3 day turn-a-round. We will have your RAID FedEx overnight to us and on the return. From there our RAID specialists will work round the clock until your data is recovered.

What happens if only part of the RAID is recoverable?
We will do everything and try every technique we can to get your data completely recovered. Sometimes, especially if you have tried mirroring, re-striping, or formatted the RAID drives, parts cannot be recoverable, even with the most up-to-date tools and knowledge.

This is why, it is so important to just turn off your machine and get it to a data recovery company as soon as you discover any type or corruption or degraded state.

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