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Advanced Hard Drive Recovery and RAID Data Recovery Services

Discover the benefits of using a professional company to repair & recover corrupt or offline RAID disks 

A corrupt RAID is caused when one or multiple disk disks in the array fails or goes offline and stops communicating correctly with the rest of the disks in the array.

We specialize in repairing and recovering data from corrupt RAID disks and offline arrays.

When a RAID disk becomes corrupt and starts running in degraded mode, it forces the rest of the disks in the array to work harder. Often, when one disk goes down, others quickly follow suite.

When one disk in a RAID is down, the rest have to compensate and work harder, at a reduced level of performance.

Because RAID arrays use mirror or striping, they are extremely vulnerable to data loss when operating in degraded mode.

ADR Data Recovery specializes in retrieving data from damaged and corrupt RAID arrays. We have labs and RAID technicians throughout the US, to serve your needs. We regularly recover corporate and business data from corrupt, offline and failed RAIDs. Our technicians have the most up to date knowledge and tools to work on any type of RAID system.

Are you afraid of losing all of your data because one or more disks in your RAID array are corrupt and your RAID is placed in a ‘degraded state’ or offline?

It doesn’t matter what type of RAID you have, we are qualified to work on them all...

  • RAID 0
  • RAID 1
  • RAID 10
  • RAID 3
  • RAID 5
  • RAID 50
  • RAID 6

Discover the benefits of using ADR Data Recovery to recover your data.

Find out what not to do when your RAID is corrupt or offline.

Continue reading to find out how we can help you, and what not to do if you can’t afford to lose your data.

Benefits of using ADR Data Recovery

We have the tools and experience to work on any type of RAID and any number of disks in your RAID system.

We have RAID engineers with years of experience working on all types of RAID

We keep our RAID specialists updated with the best tools and knowledge on the market so they can repair virtually any RAID problem.

Our company has labs and RAID engineers nationwide, for your convenience.

If you send us your failed RAID immediately, before trying self-recovery, the chances of us recovering data are very high.

If we can not recover your RAID you will not be charged for unrecoverable data.

We will exhaust every attempt at recovering your data. We are so confident in our procedures that we believe if we can not recover your data, no one can.

We have very friendly advisors who are always happy to answer any questions you have.

We have an extensive database so if you call about your RAID disks, there is no waiting to find out the status. We can bring you up to speed with everything we have found out about your recovery, the minute you call.

With our background in RAID recovery, you can count on us to get your data back.

What you should not do when your RAID is corrupt

RAID arrays are not as simple and easy to work with as a single disk system. They can easily become more damaged or corrupt by using improper tools or recovery software.

We highly suggest you DO NOT attempt any type of recovery or repair yourself unless you have a background in repairing and recovering RAID.

Re-striping, re-building, or swapping disks will cause data on those sections to become completely unrecoverable.

Too many times, we receive RAID arrays that could have been recovered if attempts to solve the problem had been stopped before more damage was caused to the RAID.

When you lose business data, it could mean complete devastation if you don’t get it back.

As a small business owner, a corrupt RAID could mean losing years of tax data, client, or financial records and that would mean a loss in business production or cash flow.

As a large retail or chain company, a corrupt or failed RAID could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost inventory counts, research, medical or other records and online orders.

We work with our customers and give you several levels of service so you can choose the speed at which you get your data back. If you require your RAID data back within days or hours, choose our emergency service. When you choose emergency service, our technicians work round the clock to recover your failed RAID and get your data back to you quickly.

Experienced & Professional
We have had over 15 years of experience working recovering RAID servers.
We regularly recover data for companies, universities and government agencies like Boeing, Amazon, Microsoft, Johnson Controls, Homeland Security, Cambridge University, MIT, Department of Justice and hundreds more every day.

Specializing in offline and corrupt RAID servers

You will not be charged if your critical RAID data is not recoverable

Emergency Service
We offer emergency RAID recovery where our engineers work round the clock to recover your data within 24-48 hours.

When we get an emergency RAID in our lab, we work non-stop, round the clock to recover it.

We guarantee our recovery services will not void your warranty on your hard drive.

Call us now; knowing your RAID array will be in the best hands possible to get your irreplaceable data recovered! 1-800-450-9282

SQL Server and RAID recovery for all manufacturers and brands
RAID and SQL data recovery for all types of industries...

We recover data from all hard drive brands and server manufacturers...

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