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Virtualization = the effect of essence with no physical form

Server Virtualization is being used for its effectiveness of solving issues of cost and operating inefficiency challenges within server and data centers.

Virtual Hardware
is crucial for the operating of a virtual machine. Virtual hardware consists of things such as SCSI controller, memory, processor, network adaptor, floppy and cd drives, etc. Most of the hardware installations must be completed with the virtual machine turned off.

Virtual Machines
that are built on the one server application can actually stress or cause damage if a mass deployment of virtual machines is placed on a network, without necessary LAN and SAN hardware upgrades, the network will not be able capable of handling such demands.

Virtual memory
is a very important part of virtualization of servers. Essentially, it is a program that tells a computer that it has more memory space than it really does. This is why other hardware must be up to date and be able to handle the memory. Virtual memory enables higher processing since the computer thinks it has more memory and the virtualization prevents the loss of performance.
For example: virtual memory allows the use of multiple programs, without telling you that you have used your 64mb of ram.

Virtual Server
A lot of times it is used for web servers, but a virtual server is a computer that shares memory, drives, printers and anything else that can be used by more than one computer. Virtual server just means that it is not one dedicated computer running all the memory and applications, rather a virtual server is a good way to lots of data from multiple users stored on a main server, which then reaches gives the data access to other users.

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