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Apache HTTP Server

Maintaining your hard earned reputation is imperative in the competitive web service industry. If you are in your first year of business or you're a legacy company your data is critical to your success and professional image.

ADR Data Recovery prides itself on working with IT experts as well as computer novices. We recognize that regardless of your computer experience when your equipment fails it's a crisis.

Apache remains the dominant force, commanding a 59.13% share... [ with over 160 million servers. ] Source -

What is different about a recovery on an Apache server?

Short anwser: nothing.

Apache is a web service and as such it handles the delivery of data, not the storing of data. When your server goes down the critcal files to be recovered are the webroot and possibly configuration files.

The webroot is a directory stored on the system and whether you are running virtual hosting for multiple sites or just a single localhost, those directories are maintained by the OS itself, not Apache. Keep in mind that the recovery process does vary from Linux distros, Windows and Apple.

The main configuration file for an Apache server, the httpd.conf, is stored as a simple ANSI text document. This holds true for your supported languages also, PHP, Python, Tcl, Perl. The php.ini, config.tcl and others are stored as text files for easy modification by the user.

  • Please be sure to tell your sales rep if you require config files and their install paths.

Because no hardware based compiling is used, once the files are recovered, inserting the webroot and configuration files into a new Apache instance is as basic as drag and drop. At that point a restart of the service would have you back up and running.

The import factors for data recovery on an Apache server

  • Operating system, or more specifically the file system the OS is using
  • The storage hardware: single drive, RAID, NAS
  • Size of the storage capacity
  • Time sensitivity

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