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Phoenix Synergy Becomes a Referral Partner

Phoenix Synergy Partners with ADR Data Recovery

Folsom, CA, December 11, 2006 - ADR Data Recovery, which provides data recovery, RAID recovery, and computer forensics -- for small & medium businesses, large enterprise companies, government agencies, educational institutions, and the health care industry -- today announced a new referral partnership agreement with Phoenix Synergy. The agreement makes possible for Phoenix Synergy to utilize ADR Data Recovery services as a partner and provide data recovery services to their customers.

The agreement, which was finalized on December 11, 2006, partners one of the nation’s largest data recovery companies, which has 18 regional labs and 22 service centers, with Phoenix Synergy which services customers in the Arizona region. 

“We are very excited to be partnering with Phoenix Synergy. We look forward to working with them on providing additional data recovery services and helping to restore their client's lost data,” said Kevin Jackson, President and CEO of ADR Data Recovery.

The partnership provides Phoenix Synergy with a major new data recovery service which they offer to their customers, taking advantage of ADR Data Recovery’s 12 years of experience recovering data from a variety of media sources and conditions.  By implementing this referral program, Phoenix Synergy will be able to provide added value for their customers.

“A single hard drive in a network of multiple desktops and servers will eventually fail," said Adam Yax.  “As we have many clients, it's inevitable that we require data recovery from time to time.  We have found ourselves searching for data recovery services in the past, when we found ADR Data Recovery we found something different, a company that is straight forward and extremely capable of recovering data from disks that go bad in any number of ways.  We no longer search for data recovery, we use our partner ADR Data Recovery.  Not only do we know we have the best possible tools for recovering data at our disposal, we know the communication will be precise and the customer will get exactly what they are looking for."

About Phoenix Synergy

Phoenix Synergy is a technical support company that has been in business since 2001.  Putting customer service first we have taken care of many valley businesses over the years and continue relationships with all of them long term.  Working in technologies such as Windows Servers, e-mail (exchange imail etc), desktop and network support. 

For more information about Phoenix Synergy, please visit or call 1-602-216-0960

About ADR Data Recovery
Based in Folsom, California, ADR Data Recovery has been providing emergency data recovery, professional data recovery, disaster recovery, computer forensics, and expert witness services for small and medium businesses, colleges and universities, medical institutions, government agencies and enterprise organizations since 1995.

ADR Data Recovery has Regional Labs and Service Centers across the nation. ADR Data Recovery uses the latest technologies—including a unique, proprietary method—to restore recoverable data. Even the most difficult of data recoveries from crashed hard disk drives (hardware, software, viruses, fire or flooding), servers, failed RAID arrays, backup tapes, and other storage devices can be recovered successfully.


Ken Brown, Director of Business Development
ADR Data Recovery

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