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Mac OSX Data Recovery

Date: 06-18-2008
Data Recovery Client: Graphic Design / Artist Company
Hard Drive Type: (1) Iomega Zip 250MB Disk
OS Type: Mac OSX
Initial Problem: Zip cannot be accessed.
Resolution: The requested files were recoverable.


Background on the Data Recovery Call
A graphic designer who had saved her data to her Zip disk contacted ADR Data Recovery after finding us on an internet search. This particular disk had several hours of work stored onto it and was not backed-up. She had used her zip disk as the location for this particular client's files. It was critical for her to get the data back so that she could complete her work with her client.


Brief overview of the steps involved

  • Removal and cleaning of magnetic media.
  • Reinsertion of magnetic media into new casing.
  • Full media testing, noting bad sectors and problem areas.
  • Sending the customer a file list of what can be recovered.

About ADR Data Recovery
Based in Folsom, California, ADR Data Recovery has been providing emergency data recovery, professional data recovery, disaster recovery, computer forensics, and expert witness services for small and medium businesses, colleges and universities, medical institutions, government agencies and enterprise organizations since 1997.


ADR Data Recoveryhas Regional Labs and Service Centers across the nation. ADR Data Recovery uses the latest technologies—including a unique, proprietary method—to restore recoverable data. Even the most difficult of data recoveries from crashed hard disk drives (hardware, software, viruses, fire or flooding), servers, failed RAID arrays, backup tapes, and other storage devices can be recovered successfully.


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