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A laptop left in a building not only went through a fire, but when the sprinkler system activated, the laptop had another problem to deal with.

Sacramento, CA, April 16, 2010 - A customer contacted ADR Data Recovery with a unique problem with his laptop. The office that he worked out of had caught on fire the previous night. When he returned to work, he located his charred and mangled laptop. As he picked it up, he noticed water dripping out of it. He quickly contacted ADR Data Recovery to see if there was any chance to recover his lost data.

“When I saw the laptop all melted and crispy, I thought I had lost everything. I was tempted to just toss it with the rest of the burned and ruined items in the office but thought I would check to see if ADR Data Recovery could salvage data from it. To my amazement, not only did ADR provide me a list of files that were recoverable, they were able to recover everything I needed in a lot less time than I expected.” said Chris W. a database programmer.

As a computer consultant, he recognized the value of his lost data and the time and effort it would take to recreate it. 

Burned Laptop
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ADR Data Recovery has been providing emergency data recovery, professional data recovery, disaster recovery, computer forensics, and expert witness services for small and medium businesses, colleges and universities, medical institutions, government agencies and enterprise organizations since 1995.


ADR Data Recovery has data recovery service centers across the nation. ADR Data Recovery uses the latest technologies—including a unique, proprietary methods—to restore recoverable data. Even the most difficult of data recoveries from crashed hard disk drives (hardware, software, viruses, fire or flooding), servers, failed RAID arrays, backup tapes, and other storage devices can be recovered successfully.

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