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Your company's RAID array has failed, you've tried rebooting, repairing the RAID configuration, replacing a failed drive but you can't bring it back online.

You know that attempting to rebuild your array in an attempt to recover RAID data by swapping hard drives, or replacing the RAID controller can result in severe damage to parity and striping, leaving you with corrupt data.

The problem is, you don't have a current backup or your backups are incomplete. Trying to re-enter all your company data is out of the question because it could take weeks or months. A luxury you can't afford.

You need to get your RAID array repaired and your data recovered so you can put it back online fast!

Few "data recovery companies" have the ability to repair and recover RAID arrays. They outsource it instead. Computer repair shops and local computer technicians can't do it because they don't have the knowledge or equipment to repair failed RAID drives or work at the hex level to rebuild and restore a RAID array.

Dell, IBM, and server manufacturers aren't as concerned about making the data from your existing array accessible as they are about getting your server running again. They replace drives, initialize and rebuild a new array, but that doesn't get your data back.

Fortunately for you, we are one of the few "data recovery companies" that specialize in RAID array repair. We have been repairing arrays and recovering RAID for companies like Kraft, Boeing, The US Army Corp of Engineers, Nucor Steel, Fremont Medical and hundreds more since 1997.

Steps we take to avoid putting your data at risk during the repair and recovery process...

To insure the safety of your data the first step we take is to make sector-by-sector images of your drives.

Next our RAID engineers work at the hex level to rebuild your array.

Once your array has been rebuilt, your data is saved off and tested for integrity.

After testing your data to verify it's good and making sure the files you need are recoverable, it is copied to an external hard drive or new array so it can be returned to you.

In most situations your RAID array can be repaired, your data copied off and returned to you within 5 to 7 business days.

For time critical situations, we offer both expedited and emergency RAID recovery services .

When you call, a RAID specialist will help you diagnose your situation, provide a quote to repair your array and help you choose the level of service that meets your specific needs.

RAID array repair. RAID recovery for all manufacturers and brands
RAID recovery for all types of industries...

We recover data from all hard drive brands and server manufacturers... Dell Hewlett Packard
Buffalo Compaq
IBM Lacie
Seagate Western Digital
Apple / Mac Drobo
Iomega Active Storage
Gateway Maxtor
Acer Netgear
OWC Quantum
Microsoft Synology
QNAP Promise Technology

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