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Advanced RAID hard drive recovery service recovers your critical business data from failed RAID hard drives, NAS, SAN, VMware, Hyper V and all servers and operating systems. RAID data recovery requires specialized equipment, a thorough knowledge of hex, drive structures, MFT mount points and offsets to avoid destroying data while attempting recovery. Our leading engineer often recovers data after failed RAID rebuild attempts.

Advanced RAID Recovery for servers. ADR specializes in recovering data from failed RAID controllers, inaccessible RAID volumes, offline RAID containers and damaged RAID arrays. If you have had multiple hard drives fail in a RAID array or experienced a failed rebuild attempt, our RAID data recovery engineers are equipped with the latest technologies--including our own unique, proprietary methods--to restore your data.

Recovering RAID data from SQL servers, Exchange servers, and large RAID arrays that have failed, gone offline or are inaccessible, requires extensive training and sophisticated equipment to rebuild the RAID volume and restore good, usable data. DO NOT ATTEMPT to rebuild your RAID array if multiple hard drives have failed or are offline. It can destroy your data! We have been in the RAID data recovery business for over 15 years and successfully recover critical data from RAID servers for businesses, colleges, healthcare organizations, and government entities across the United States.

Companies and organizations like Intel, Amazon, Microsoft, Safeway, Homeland Security, MIT, Johnson Controls, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Department, Wrigley's and hunreds more trust us to recover their data and so can you.

Hard Drive Recovery and RAID Data Recovery Services for all Types of Industries...

We have successfully recovered data from all Dell, HP, IBM, Compaq, Gateway Servers and operating systems, including relational database servers, web servers (Apache and Microsoft IIS), business application servers, document management systems, and content management systems.

Server and RAID data recovery procedures involve determining the damage, source of the problem, and how much data can be extracted. For serious failures, this may involve careful dis-assembly and extensive manual repair of hard drives in our clean room in order to rebuild your array and restore your data. Our RAID data recovery engineers are experienced with all RAID versions and operating systems so you can rest assured we will do everything possible to get back on track as quickly as possible.

When disasters like flooding, hurricane, lightning or fire strike, our data recovery engineers can be counted on to get your company data back online fast! If necessary, an emergency data recovery engineer can be dispatched to your location to expedite the recovery process and keep your data safe.

Protect your data and your equipment from further damage, please turn off your system and write down the symptoms you are experiencing. For example, a hard drive making a clicking sound, RAID drives in degraded mode, RAID controller failure, Empty containers, volume not mounting or recognized, a BIOS error, or multiple hard drive failure.

ADR Data Recovery Data Recovery has recovered data from many of the most popular RAID, Server and hard drive manufacturers:

Prior to restoring your data, dis-assembly of your hard drive may be required in order for our technicians to analyze and diagnose the extent of the damage to your hard drive. In a clean room environment, we remove the covers and seals from the hard drive so we can work on or replace internal components while maintaining manufacturers’ warranties.

A partial list of hard drive manufacturers we recover data from include:

Emergency RAID data recovery service is available when you need your data recovered fast and are in a time-critical situation.

“ADR Data Recovery worked tirelessly to stitch the data back together [on our client’s RAID 5 array]. I was amazed when ADR Data Recovery claimed that 100% of the data had been recovered. I was even more amazed when I saw for myself that they actually had. I hope you never have to go through a data disaster like this one. But if you do, it is my strongest possible advice to ONLY trust your data to ADR Data Recovery Data Recovery.”

Matt W.
IT Services Manager, Data management firm
Mather, CA

Every day we recover data from these RAID configurations

At ADR, we specialize in RAID data recovery and recovering data from failed, offline, not bootable RAID's including but not limited to NAS and SAN storage devices, Virtual Machine (VMDK) files, Hyper V from all brands and all operating systems.

Here are the steps we take to ensure your data is kept safe and maximize the chance of recovering your data successfully.

  • Create a sector-by-sector copy of each of your RAID discs so we can work from them and keep your original drives and data safe.
  • Identify the structure and integrity of the imaged drives and the data on them.
  • Using the hex (root) level of your drives to determine proper order and configuration we rebuild your array.
  • Recover your data and copy it to a new storage device.
Server and RAID recovery for all manufacturers and brands
RAID Recovery for ALL Systems:

Dell Hewlett Packard
Buffalo Compaq
IBM Lacie
Seagate Western Digital
Apple / Mac Drobo
Iomega Active Storage
Gateway Maxtor
Acer Netgear
OWC Quantum
Microsoft Synology
QNAP Promise Technology

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