Data Recovery
Advanced Hard Drive Recovery and RAID Data Recovery Services

RAID Data Recovery You need advanced data recovery for RAID when one or more RAID hard drives are in degraded mode, fail, are offline or your RAID controller has failed or lost it's configuration...

Common RAID Failures
Some factors that could cause a RAID array to become inaccessible could include: damage to the RAID stripe or parity, due to one or more failed hard drives, a power failure, a back-up that may have been restored unsuccessfully, malicious human intervention, failed system updates or OS upgrades, viruses, or a boot drive failure.

We regularly recover data from all RAID servers and operating systems like Dell, HP, IBM, Compaq, Gateway Servers and operating systems and many more. Plus we recover data from relational database servers, web servers (Apache and Microsoft IIS), virtual machines, business application servers, document management systems, and content management systems.

ADR Data Recovery Specializes in recovering RAID data. Attempting to rebuild your array, swapping hard drives, placing hard drives in a new server or on a new RAID controller can result in severe damage to parity, striping and leave you with corrupt data. Before attempting a rebuild we highly recommend that you get sector-by-sector images of each drive in order to preserve the integrity of your data and eliminate the risk of total data loss.

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