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Primary RAID Container Offline

Is one of your RAID container drives making clicking sounds, offline, or showing a status that the RAID system is in a degraded mode?

We can recover your company's data for you. The next few paragraphs have some information regarding what you should definitely not do, once your hard drive has failed. At that point, feel free to call a data recovery company and ask as many questions as you can think of, relating to your data and hard drive. We will be more than happy to work with you and answer all of your questions.

Rebuilding a failed primary RAID container that's offline or when multiple drives fail, easy for a RAID recovery specialist, who has all of the right equipment and does this type of recovery day in and day out, so they know exactly what and how to recover your company's data, without experimentation. Some of the knowledge we require our RAID specialists to have is, of hex, drive structures, MFT mount points and offsets to avoid destroying data while attempting recovery!

If you have already tried to rebuild the array but still can not access your data, you should stop immediately.

The most important thing NOT to do, is attempt a forced rebuild. Doing so will wipe out your company's data!

Swapping hard drives or re-ordering drives in a failed or offline RAID array runs the risk of overwriting the striping and parity, making it nearly impossible to rebuild your array and recover your company's vital data. To increase the odds of recovering all of your data, turn your server off now. You should not put your critical business data at further risk by experimenting with RAID recovery utilities or software. Contact a RAID recovery expert.