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Hard Drive Cloning Hard Drive Imaging

Hard drive imaging or cloning is accomplished by connecting your original drive and your new "target" drive to the same machine or imaging device and creating a sector-by-sector clone or image of your drive. We take your original or master drive, create an image of that disk, then clone, or in essence, copy the master disk's image to a new drive or duplicate it onto many drives.

There are several reasons for cloning a hard disk drive:
  • First is a reboot and restore, which is great if you have students learning and working with programs, or in training seminars.
  • Perhaps you need to mass produce bootable drives with the same programs to distribute throughout your company.
  • It's an easy way to have a backup of your entire drive in case your original drive fails or becomes corrupt.
  • If you are upgrading to a larger or newer hard disk, you won't have to re-install all of your programs.
  • If you are involved in a law suit, court case or litigation you will need a "forensic image" of your drive before an investigation for evidence can performed to help prove your case.

Why create cloned or imaged drives? So you don't have to go through the chore of installing the operating system and programs over and over on every single drive. Beware though that all your computer systems need to be identical for this to work. Whether you need to clone one hard drive, or want to create images of several drives on a RAID server, we have the equipment necessary to handle any quantity.