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Degraded RAID Recovery for Failed and Offline RAID Hard Drives

Repairing any RAID when one or more RAID drives are in degraded mode, fail or go offline requires specialized equipment. You must have a thorough knowledge of hex, drive structures, MFT mount points and offsets to avoid destroying data while attempting to repair the degraded array!

If you have already tried to repair the degraded RAID array and it's still running in degraded mode, please stop. DO NOT attempt a forced rebuild. Doing so will wipe out your company's data!

RAID repair utilities and software are not designed to restore data or rebuild RAID arrays that are in degraded mode due to failing hard drives. This requires specialized equipment and professional training.

Swapping hard drives or re-ordering drives in a degraded or offline RAID array runs the risk of overwriting the striping and parity, making it nearly impossible to rebuild your array and recover your company's vital data.

To increase the odds of recovering all of your data, turn your server off now. Please, do NOT put your critical business data at further risk by experimenting with RAID rebuild utilities or software.  Your data is already at risk!

ADR Data Recovery specializes in degraded RAID array recovery and recovering data when RAID controllers fail, when a primary container is offline, when volumes become inaccessible, or when multiple RAID hard drives fail or go offline. If you experience multiple hard drive failure in a RAID array or you a failed rebuild attempt, DO NOT try a force rebuild! Right now your company data is still recoverable. Do not put it at risk with experimental procedures. Our RAID data recovery engineers are equipped with the latest technologies--including our own unique, proprietary methods--to restore your data. Call 800-450-9282 now or email

“Our SQL server failed. After validating that we truly had failed RAIDed hard drives, I contacted a trusted colleague here in the Seattle area, [as well as] our storage vendor, and [they both] recommended ADR Data Recovery for data recovery. The speed and accuracy of ADR Data Recovery’s ability to recover mission critical information was highly touted to me as being second to none.”


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Emergency RAID data recovery services are available or we can schedule a courier to pick-up your hard drives at your location.