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Did you know that data loss costs US businesses more than $21 billion each year?

Even though your company may have a disaster recovery and business continuity plan in place, by taking a few moments to enroll in our preferred client discount program you will help your company be prepared for the worst.

Data recovery engineers at ADR use the latest technologies to recover your business critical data. This includes our own unique, proprietary methods to repair hard drives and restore your company's data from failed hard drives, servers, RAID arrays, tapes and other storage devices.

Our company has been recovering data for companies like yours for over 15 years.

Some of our preferred clients include:
  • Safeway Inc
  • Microsoft
  • Cognizant
  • DKI Disaster Recovery

We have experience in recovering data from fire damaged drives, flood damaged servers and damaged RAID volumes, tapes and all other forms of storage media. We are ready to serve you as soon as you call.

Enroll as a preferred client today and save every time your company needs data recovery service. Simply fill out, digitally sign, and email back the enrollment form today and your company will qualify for ADR's preferred customer pricing.

Voluntary enrollment in this program today guarantees your organization many benefits, which your preferred client representative will go over with you. By enrolling in this program today, your company will be ready when a data loss crisis strikes. You can rest assured that ADR will respond quickly to your needs because you have already taken the necessary steps to ensure quick response, excellent service, and preferred client discounts.

Sometimes data loss happens in spite of your best efforts to prevent it. That's when you need to know you've done all you could. You've established the protocol; secured your company a significant discount and can feel confident that your data will be in good hands with a business you trust.

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