Data Recovery
Advanced Hard Drive Recovery and RAID Data Recovery Services

Digital pictures can become deleted by a couple of ways
  • 1. The pictures were downloaded to the computer, but something went wrong and at some point in time they get erased.
  • 2. The camera card is formatted before the pictures are properly downloaded to another source.

In either case, the likelihood of recovering lost digital photos is very possible. Below are the options for getting pictures back, but first the most important thing is to not use, save, or download any other files to the hard drive that the pictures have been lost on. This is because once something has been deleted, it is a "ghost" file that is just hidden on the drive. That is until new data has been saved over the "ghosted" file space. Once that happens, no one will be able to get the original document back.

Remote Recovery:
If there is no physical damage to the hard drive, then a data recovery company can connect remotely to quickly get pictures back. Any type of memory card can potentially be recovered through remote services. This is a great option because people don't have to send their whole camera into a business they don't know, nor have to worry about a little memory card getting lost.

Memory Cards:
Pictures can be recovered from the camera card. There is no need to send the whole camera into a company, just the card will do. Software:
There are also many places that have software available to download to get digital pictures back. This may be the easiest and fastest way to get the job done, but in general, the results are not as good as what professional data recovery companies can do. There are lots of software options out there, so just make sure to do plenty of research and find the one that will work best. If no new data has been saved over the deleted pictures, the recovery rate on digital pictures is about 95%