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Oracle Database Recovery and Repair

You've lost access to your Oracle database and vital company data. You've tried everything to get it back online but it's still inaccessible.

You discover your backups are out-dated, partial or corrupt, so you can't restore them.

You know that running 3rd party utility programs in order to repair your database without having sector-by-sector copies of your hard drive or RAID array can result in permanent data loss because they can delete valuable data.

Oracle uses .DBF and/or .DAT extensions. When they become damaged or corrupt access to your database is limited or non-existent. Some of the issues that can cause these.DBF/.DAT files to become damaged or corrupt include:
  • Deleted or damaged primary keys or foreign keys
  • Corrupt or deleted indexes
  • Lost or deleted predefined defaults, default values, and rules
  • Deleted or damaged tables or table data

Choosing a data recovery company to repair and recover your Oracle database can be tricky because only a few have certified Oracle database engineers that know how to rebuild torn pages, broken tables and re-insert data back into a working database.

In cases of severe damage, raw data has to be extracted and must be manually entered into a new database. In these instances, most data recovery companies give up and call it unrecoverable. They just don't have the knowledge or ability to extract the data from the garbage. ,br />
Fortunately, we are one of the few "data recovery companies" that specialize in recovering offline and failed Oracle databases. We have been performing data recovery for over 12 years for companies like Kraft, Boeing, The US Army Corp of Engineers, Nucor Steel, Fremont Medical and hundreds more.

Getting Your Oracle Database Recovered

Steps we take to avoid putting your data at risk during the repair and recovery process...

To insure the safety of your data the first step we take is to make sector-by-sector images of your hard drive or RAID array.

Next our engineers work at the hex level to rebuild your Oracle database.

Once your database has been rebuilt, your data is saved off and tested for integrity.

After testing your data to verify it's good and making sure the data you need is recoverable, it is copied to an external hard drive or new array so it can be returned to you.

In most situations your Oracle database can be rebuilt, your data copied off and returned to you within 5 to 7 business days.

For time critical situations, we offer both expedited and emergency data recovery services.

When you call, an Oracle database recovery specialist will help you diagnose your situation, provide a quote to recover your data and help you choose the level of service that meets your specific needs.