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iPhone Data Recovery: Recover Your iPhone Data!

Q: Is it possible to recover iPhone files that have already been deleted?
Yes, it is possible to recover any iPhone files, including music and photos that have been deleted.

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iPhone Data Recovery

Recover iPhone Data, Smart Phones and Droids...
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Because smart phones, iPhones and mobile computing is vital to your everyday life, unexpected events can put your life on hold.

Advanced Data Recovery specializes in recovering iPhone data , smart phones and Droid phones when accidents happen. Was your iPhone dropped in water, run over by a car or smashed beyond repair?

Data recovery from iPhones and smart phones is a complicated process. In fact, your service provider and repair shop does not usually recover or retrieve your photos, contacts or other data stored on your damaged or broken phone.


Data that can be recovered from an iPhone, smart phone or Droid include:

  • Pictures
  • Music
  • Contacts
  • Documents
  • Text Messages
  • Call history
  • Web history
  • Calendar recovery
  • Emails and attachments
  • And more


We recover data from iPhones, Droid phones, and other smart phones that have been damaged by:

  • Being dropped
  • Water Damage
  • Crashing Systems
  • Fire
  • Being crushed
  • Being run over by a car
  • Tossing
  • Power Surge
  • And more

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