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Q: Is it possible to recover iPad files that have already been deleted?
Yes, it is possible to recover any iPad files, including music and photos that have been deleted.

We recover Your iPad Tablet Data...

iPads are some of the most contemporary devices out today.  They operate with leading edge technology and bring a higher quality of life.  Over time, even these devices wear down and their hard drive fails.

When iPads need data recovery, something has gone wrong and the event is frightening.

IPads operate on proprietary platforms.  Luckily, data recovery for these devices is not proprietary.  There are solutions, some of which are low cost and easy to find.  More often than not, data recovery with an engineer involved is needed.

Even with deleted files, the complexity of the recovery can cause more damage and the possibility of losing your files for good.

Some problems with an iPad can be solved by restoring an iPad to a previous back up via iTunes.  This may not be the easy fix that forums make it out to be.

Two problems immediately arise:
The first problem is that data stored on your iPad between the last back up and today may be very valuable and irreplaceable.  Getting this data back is important!  Replacing the iPad with another will not help.

The second problem is restoring your iPad to a past back up will erase/overwrite any data that was not saved in the last back up.  Even if your iPad is operational, it will lose your data if you continue to operate it or use a System Restore. 

Again, the best way to get your data back is to first turn the tablet off.  The next step is to call professionals for data recovery. The service from Advanced Data Recovery can recover files from an iPad that have been lost due to a user accidentally erasing them or in the event of a logical or mechanical problem.

To get your iPad or tablet recovered, simply call ADR and speak with a data recovery advisor. You'll get a quote on the cost for service, then send your iPad for data recovery which normally takes between 2 to 4 days

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