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Expedited Data Recovery Service

For Businesses And Individuals With Time Critical Needs...

Advanced Data Recovery's Expedited Data Recovery Service for 1 internal or external hard drive (DOES NOT INCLUDE RAID DRIVES). Expedited Data Recovery is for businesses and individuals who need their data recovered quick because you can't afford to wait. For even faster service you should choose emergency service. If time is not critical choose our $899 comprehensive data recovery option.

Expedited Data Recovery Service Includes The Following:
  • Recovery in 3 to 5 business days (in most cases)
  • Your case is bumped in front of regular recoveries
  • 2nd day air shipping from and back to you
  • Target media with recovered data
  • Daily updates of progress
  • Your recovery starts immediately upon receipt

Up To 2TB Hard Drive: $1999

Over 2TB Hard Drive: $2499

When you choose Expedited Data Recovery Service we provide you with a prepaid 2nd day air UPS shipping label so all you have to do is print it, package your drive and take it to your nearest UPS store, drop box or shipping station.

To begin the recovery process: Call or email to get your work order and prepaid shipping label so you can get your drive to our lab and get your data recovered.

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