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Advanced Hard Drive Recovery and RAID Data Recovery Services

In time critical situations our emergency service recovers your data fast! Our RAID and hard drive recovery engineers work 24/7 to recovering your critical files. Emergency service includes overnight shipping both ways PLUS we can FTP data to you to save time.

Emergency Data Recovery Service For RAID

We offer these three types of emergency service when your RAID is down and you need your data recovered fast...
1) Online RAID Recovery
2) In-Lab Service
3) Onsite RAID-to-go-box

Online RAID Recovery Service

Our online service is the fastest data recovery option available because you don't have to take your drives anywhere and you don't have to ship them, so you eliminate the risk they'll get lost in transit. Plus, our online RAID recovery gives you emergency service without the cost. Our online service is generally 40 to 50% less than others charge for emergency service.

The Advantages of RAID Recovery Online ...

  • We can get started immediately.
  • In many cases your data can be recovered the same day.
  • You don't have to ship your drives.
  • You eliminate the risk of your hard drives getting lost.
  • You get emergency service without paying emergency prices.
  • Your data is secure because it stays in your hands.
  • The most critical files can be saved first so your people can get back to work.

In-Lab Service...

Our in-Lab service is for those situations where multiple RAID hard drives are physically failed and not recognized by the RAID controller or Disk Management or Disk Utilities. Before requiring you to get your drives to the lab, we'll go through a series of questions and tests to determine if you really have multiple hard drive failures or if the RAID configuration and partition structure is damaged. In many situations we are able to utilize our online or onsite service instead.

Onsite RAID-to-go-box...

Our Onsite RAID-to-go-box was specifically designed and developed to recover RAIDs that are offline or failed when you can't let your hard drives or data leave your possession and you don't want to pay the high price of having a RAID engineer come to your location.

In some instances you may not have the equipment or staff onsite to take advantage of our online RAID recovery option. In that case, our RAID-to-go-box is the ideal solution because it gives you the ability to utilize our online servicetriple—saving you time and money.

Here's how it works...
During our consultation with you about recovering your RAID, we'll ask questions about what happened, what the symptoms are and then recommend the type of service your recovery situation requires. If we feel your case qualifies for our online service but you don't have the equipment available then we'll make arrangements to send you one of our RAID-to-go-boxes. We do charge a deposit but when we are finished recovering your data we'll have you send the unit back and refund your deposit once it has been checked and tested for damage.

Emergency Data Recovery For Laptop, Desktop and External Hard Drives...

In emergency situations, we will work non-stop, 24/7 to get your critical files recovered and back in your hands as quickly as possible. We offer online data recovery as well as onsite data recovery when time is of the essence, or if you have security & chain of custody constraints when shipping hardware with sensitive or confidential data.

*DIY utilities can cause permanent loss of data.
Recovery software and utilities are designed to work with properly functioning hard drives. If your hard drive is clicking, grinding or making unusual sounds, the platters are getting scratched. DO NOT run software or utilities on in these cases. YOU could lose everything!

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