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Educational Preferred Customer Program

ADR Data Recovery works closely with colleges and universities when data recovery services are required. We offer these colleges and universities a discount when using ADR Data Recovery to assist them in restoring their confidential files, faculty documents, campus photos, campus newpaper articles, applications, and enrollment information.

For students, we offer the same discount so they too can rest assured that they will get the same level of attention in recovering their lost thesis documents, essays, formulas, computer programs, digital graphic art, photos and music. Simply inform the ADR Data Recovery Customer Service Representative which College you are with and they will gladly provide you with a 10% student discount.

What Happened to My Data!?

"Operating System Not Found" or "Missing or Corrupt File" are both messages any student dreads seeing after spending hours of time researching, organizing, and typing out a thesis paper.

Maybe you live on campus, maybe you live on your own, maybe you live at home, in any of these scenarios some of the most common day-to-day occurrences can cause a computer, laptop or Powerbook hard drive to loose its data. These events include hardware & software failure, software corruption, human error (accidentally deleting the wrong files), computer viruses, power surges and mis-configured backup software. More serious events, such as malicious behaviors, natural disasters [floods, fires, lightning] can lead to much more serious and complex methods to restore the corrupted data.

Symptoms of a Failing Hard Drive

Software Failure

When your computer blue screens (Blue Screen of Death: BSOD) when you try to boot or during the middle of an operation, it can mean the operating system has been damaged, there may be bad sectors on your hard drive that the system is unable to read, your hard drive could be failing, you might have a virus or trojan, someone may have deleted critical dll's or system files, the partition or file structure may have become corrupted or damaged.

A “drive not formatted “error usually indicates the hard drive's partition has been damaged, deleted or corrupted. It can be caused by a virus, a hard reboot, a power outage or surge, disc partitioning utilities and sometimes updating software, anti-virus programs or simply installing new software can damage a partition.

Hardware Failure

Your hard drive may be giving you clues that it will ‘crash’ soon. Typically, if you hear a clicking sound coming for where the hard drive is located in your computer it is a really good indication that there is a serious problem. This could indicate a head crash, corrupt firmware on the drive's ROM chip, an electrical problem like a burned chip, blown heads, a bad pcb controller, overwritten servo's, damage to the hard drive's platters and alignment issues from being dropped, jarred or a power surge.


If your hard drive is infected with a virus, one possible indicator would be that the computer reboots over and over. This is because the boot sector has been hijacked by a virus that creates a continuous loop. It keeps telling the system to go back to the boot sector and reboot.

All of the above are typically what you will experience before your hard drive fails, or as it is failing.

When your hard drive fails, if you are able to keep track of its symptoms leading up to the failure as well as its current state, it helps to quickly narrow down where the problem may lie when performing a data recovery.

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