Data Recovery
Advanced Hard Drive Recovery and RAID Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery for Educational Providers, Universities, Schools and Colleges

Educational partners, students, parents and educators depend on your information systems 24/7. You can't afford to lose critical data that your community members need to better their lives. When disaster strikes and you find that vital data is no longer accessible due to an IT storage system failure, we can recover your critical data. You are probably concerned about the reputation of your institution, the ability to serve your clientele and minimizing downtime.

Educational Preferred Customer Program

ADR Data Recovery works closely with colleges and universities when data recovery services are required. We offer these colleges and universities a discount when using ADR Data Recovery to assist them in restoring their confidential files, faculty documents, campus photos, campus newspaper articles, applications, and enrollment information. For students, we offer the same discount so they too can rest assured that they will get the same level of attention in recovering their lost thesis documents, essays, formulas, computer programs, digital graphic art, photos and music.

Simply inform the ADR Data Recovery Customer Service Representative which College you are with and they will gladly provide you with a 10% student discount.

Data Recovery For Students

We help colleges, universities, and faculty as well as college students and graduate researchers when it comes to retrieving lost data. We successfully recovered data for dozens of colleges, universities, school districts, and other educational entities every year. Students shouldn't stress out about their computer's hard drive, they should focus on their classes and next exams! Let ADR Data Recovery focus on your data recovery needs.

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