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DVD Data Recovery - CD/CDRW Media Recovery

DVD's and CD's are frequently used for every day tasks, as well as the preferred medium for videos and games.

Have you lost access to your backed up files, you're writing a book, or your collection of business, medical, traffic, document images, business documents or family photos?

Has your CD/CDRW or DVDs have stopped reading or become corrupt and you can't access your files?

If the damaged CD or DVD just spins and you need to recover your files, give us a call. To recover DVDs and CDs, we utilize proprietary software and tools to deep-scan every sector on a and assemble the data into full and partial files that enable us to recover your data.

Scratches can cause a CD or DVD to quit reading but can often be recovered in our lab.

Programs used to create DVDs include Ahead Nero, Roxio by Adaptec, and Alcohol 120% can sometimes corrupt a DVD or fail to finalize and requires specialized utilities and equipment to recover your files.

We recover data from CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW and ISOs. Call 800-450-9282