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Disaster Data Recovery After

Most data IS recoverable, even if it has been caused by natural disasters! When disaster strikes, ADR Data Recovery is on your side! We provide the knowledge for you to make crucial, quick decisions when it comes to knowing if your data is recoverable or not.

There are many types of damage storms can cause as they hit an area:
  • Lightning strikes
  • Power surges
  • Flooding
  • Fire
  • Tornadoes
  • Hurricanes
  • Power outages

Lightning Strikes:
Damage caused by lighting can be minor or major. It depends on how close it actually hits. If it is just static electricity, damage could be on the minimal side. However, if lighting is a direct hit then the damage could be extensive and require clean room work. This is where data recovery specialists take apart a drive, un-solder parts and replace them with new components, or replace the read/write heads in order to get the drive running to extract data.

  • Do not turn on or run a burned or water damaged hard drive. It can cause more damage to internal mechanisms.
  • Do not shake the drive.
  • Do not open your dry or try to clean it up. (If it was burned and then in a flood, follow tips for flooding, but DO NOT clean a burned drive.)
  • Package the drives in enough bubble wrap to prevent any shifting.
  • Attach the prepaid, overnight shipping label (provided by us.)

ADR was able to help many businesses and individuals recover their data from the 2011 mid-west flooding as well as the flooding in Tennessee during May of 2010. We had many clients who had hard drives buried among mud and debris, and thought they would never see their data again. After following a few tips on how to store, clean, and send the drive into us, we were able to recover 97% of the drives we received!
  • Don't let the drives dry out, if possible (keeping the drives wet prevents rust and corrosion.)
  • Rinse off the drives--for drives with mud/grime (preferably in purified or distilled water.)
  • Double bag the drives in seal-able plastic bags.
  • Package the drives in enough bubble wrap to prevent shifting.
  • Attach the prepaid, overnight shipping label (provided by us.)

Power surges and power outages:
When a computer is damaged by a power surge, the hard drive components may actually get melded together. In order to recover it, the drive must be handled by specialists who know how to take it apart, and replace the bad components.

Hard drives that have been damaged by fire require special clean room work though. A technician will have to carefully replace, many parts of the your hard drive in order to recover it.

Do Not Turn On Or Operate A Burned Hard Drive. Call 800-450-9282 Immediately!