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Degraded RAID Recovery

Repairing any RAID when one or more RAID drives are in degraded mode, fail or go offline requires specialized equipment. You must have a thorough knowledge of hex, drive structures, MFT mount points and offsets to avoid destroying data while attempting to repair the degraded array!

If you have already tried to repair the degraded RAID array and it's still running in degraded mode, please stop. DO NOT attempt a forced rebuild. Doing so will wipe out your company's data!

RAID repair utilities and software are not designed to restore data or rebuild RAID arrays that are in degraded mode due to failing hard drives. This requires specialized equipment and professional training. Swapping hard drives or re-ordering drives in a degraded or offline RAID array runs the risk of overwriting the striping and parity, making it nearly impossible to rebuild your array and recover your company's vital data.

To increase the odds of recovering all of your data, turn your server off now. Please, do NOT put your critical business data at further risk by experimenting with RAID rebuild utilities or software. Your data is already at risk!

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If you are getting a 'degraded array' or "critical' warning then part or all of your RAID array drives are missing or inaccessible. This is caused from one or all of the drives on the RAID being corrupt, or going offline and not communicating correctly with the rest of the drives on the array. When one of your RAID drives fails, you are operating in a degraded or corrupted mode. When your array is in a degraded state, one of the drives is no longer available, is failing, is missing configuration files or is scrambled so it can no longer read the data off of that drive. This causes the other drives in your RAID to compensate and work harder, at a reduced performance. Because one drive is already corrupt and causing the rest of the array to work harder, this can also result in the rest of the drives in the array becoming degraded, resulting in data corruption or complete data loss.

What you should do if your RAID is in a degraded state:

  • When you have a degraded RAID you should immediately turn off the whole system.
  • You should pull all drives, label them and replace them with new drives
  • Reinstall your operating system on new drives and a new array
  • Restore backups to the new drives and array: NEVER restore to the degraded or failing array!
  • You should immediately call a professional data recovery company like ADR

ADR has the tools and experience to work on any type of RAID regardless of how many drives in your RAID system

What not to do if your RAID fails:

Because RAID arrays use mirror or striping, they are extremely vulnerable when in a degraded or corrupt mode. To improve your chances of a successful recovery and preserve your data, do not try rebuilding, re-striping, or swapping drives.

Too many times, we receive RAID arrays that could have been recovered if proper procedures had been followed. You need to know that Dell, HP and other support companies primary concern is to get your array back online and operational. They are not focused on preserving your data. They assume you have backups. The sad thing is that in many cases backups are old, incomplete or corrupt which is why you should replace the drives and restore backups to a new array: to preserve and protect your data.

How common is it for a RAID to become degraded or corrupt?

There are a number of reasons a RAID will fail or enter a degraded mode.
  • If you add an incompatible drive or hardware that conflicts with the system, it can cause it to go offline.
  • One or more hard drives fail
  • You have software or virus corruption
  • A controller failure
  • Your configuration becomes corrupt or damaged
  • The server crashes and won't re-mount.

Need your RAID data yesterday! How soon can we get it back for you?

You can choose emergency service which puts an engineer on your case 24/7 until it is recovered. Choose onsite service when you can't take your drive off site. Bring your RAID drives to one of our local service centers.

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