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Alienware Data Recovery

It is likely that if you own an Alienware computer, your main focus is gaming and entertainment. If your hard drive contains vital data, MP3s, videos, pictures or game database information, please, do not take unnecessary risks.

If the drive has failed, is clicking, grinding, or malfunctioning, we strongly advise that you immediately turn it off. We suggest that you only let professionally trained data recovery engineers work on it. Further damage can occur if you try to fix it yourself, especially if you hear scraping, grinding, clicking or other unusual sounds. These sounds indicate that something is scraping the platter surfaces and could make any chance of successful recovery impossible.

Dis-assembly of your hard drive may be required in order for our technicians to analyze and diagnose the extent of the damage to your hard drive. In a clean room environment, we remove the covers and seals from the hard drive so we can work on or replace internal components while maintaining manufacturers' warranties.

ADR Data Recovery engineers have experience recovering data from the following models:

Alienware Laptops and Computers

  • Aurora M9700 series
  • Area-51 Series
  • Aurora Series
  • Sentia M3450
  • MJ-12 series
  • Area-51 7500 series
  • ALX Series
  • ...and many newer and older series models too