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When a Hard Drive Fails, Don't Make This All-Too-Common Mistake

If your computer doesn't boot up the way you expected it to, is your first instinct to toggle the power and try it again... or maybe do it a few times to see if that fixes the problem? If so, you certainly aren't alone. It's a situation we see all the time, where men and women have gotten into the habit of simply hitting the "reset" button on their Mac or PC any time they encounter a random error they don't understand. Unfortunately, that habit can also cause more extensive damage to a damaged hard drive, making it more expensive - or even impossible - for a data recovery specialist to fix.

Here is why: Every time you start up your co mputer with a damaged hard drive installed, it forces the machine to keep spinning it repeatedly. This doesn't do anything to help the problem, and can even make it harder to recover the files that were on the disc in the first place. In other words, it can spread the damage, even making the hard disk unrecoverable.

The moral in this story is to never keep using a computer if you suspect that the hard drive has been damaged. Better yet, at the first sign of trouble, contact a professional data recovery team like ours to get the advice you need.

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