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Does Your Data Recovery Professional Need to be Local?

Given that professional data recovery is now offered by a number of electronics retailers and larger IT companies, the practice of sending hard drives across the country for diagnosis, repair, and recovery is becoming more and more common.

And so, you might be wondering: Isn't there a local data recovery company?

The short answer is "no." That may sound discouraging or contradictory because everywhere you look online you are lead to believe that there are several data recovery providers in your area. The truth is: The data recovery industry is built on deception. If you ask the right questions you will discover for yourself that most "local" data recovery companies simply lead you to believe they are local by using what's called a virtual office where you drop off your drive or storage media. Then they package it and ship it out of state or across the country without ever telling you.

To help you sort out the facts and make an educated decision about choosing a trustworthy data recovery company, it is important for you to know the truth about the data recovery industry...

By asking these 7 Key Questions, you will uncover the facts for yourself, discover the ugly truth about the data recovery industry, and be able to find and choose a reputable company.
1) Where do I take my drive to start the recovery process? 2) Do you have a cleanroom technician and employees in that location? 3) Can I see your cleanroom when I bring my drive? 4) Can I talk to the engineer during the recovery process? 5) What do you charge if you only recover part of my data? 6) Is the return media included in the recovery price? 7) How much will my recovery really cost?

We know you want your files back and you don't want to be taken advantage of. Not knowing what it takes to build, staff and run a legitimate data recovery business, coupled with the fact that you are faced with an unexpected expense makes you vulnerable to less-than-truthful practices in this industry and makes choosing a data recovery company one of the hardest decisions you've ever had to make. That is why we encourage you to call several companies and ask the 7 Key Questions above.