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Advanced Hard Drive Recovery and RAID Data Recovery Services

There are two ways for you to partner with Advanced Data Recovery and grow your existing business...

1) Become a Certified Partner

2) Become an Authorized Data Recovery Service Center

Certified Partners
As an ADR Certified Partner you are an independent, OEM reseller. That means you sell our data recovery services to your clients and we recover their data. You get flat rate, wholesale prices so you know exactly how much it will cost you to have us recover your customer's data. Then you mark it up as you see fit.

Unlike other data recovery companies that give you a 10 or 15% discount off of their normally-priced services when you send or refer a job to them, or they send you a "commission" check of an undetermined amount after they have received and priced each individual job you send or refer to them, we believe you deserve the freedom to price each job according to your market and customers, so we give you flat rate, wholesale prices up front. Besides, we believe you should know the cost up front so you don't sound like you don't know your business when talking to a customer who is interested in data recovery.

You get flat-rate, wholesale prices for these two different services as a Certified Partner
1) Comprehensive recovery which covers approximately 60 to 70% of the drives we see.
2) Exhaustive recovery which is for the most serious cases that actually require disassembly and internal parts replacement in a cleanroom environment.

What that means is that you can give your client an accurate price depending on what is wrong with their drive, the procedures required to recover their data, and the size of their drive.

As an Advanced Data Recovery Certified Partner you may also get listed on our websites as an ADR Certified Independent Partner with your contact information, telephone number and address. This helps you get more calls. Plus, Advanced Data Recovery may refer or send customers from your area—to you—if they call us directly. In order to be listed on our websites for FREE, you must meet the criteria below. Otherwise, you can be listed on our websites for a monthly fee of $99.

Criteria for FREE listing on Advanced Data Recovery's websites:

You must reach $3000 per month in revenue paid to Advanced Data Recovery.

There is no cost or obligation to become an ADR Certified Partner. There are no contracts and you can quit at any time by notifying us you no longer want to be a Certified Partner.

Sign up today and become an Advanced Data Recovery Certified Partner...

Fill out and submit the form below to begin the process of becoming an Advanced Data Recovery partner. One of our business development team members will contact you to discuss complete details with you.

Become an Advanced Data Recovery Authorized Service Center

As an Authorized Service Center you work directly with Advanced Data Recovery to provide local data recovery service on crashed and failed hard drives, RAID servers and other storage devices. By becoming an Advanced Data Recovery Authorized Service Center you enjoy these benefits...
  • We provide you with equipment to assist us in recovering data at your location.
  • We advertise and market data recovery services in your area.
  • ADR sends customers to your location for data recovery and pays you for each one you receive.
  • You get paid $25 for each customer we send to you plus 10% of the amount Advanced Data Recovery charges each of those customers when they pay for recovery.
  • We handle the sales, closing the jobs, collecting the money and communication with the customer during the process.
  • Your business address and telephone number are listed on our websites free of charge.
  • You get listed on Advanced Data Recovery's websites as an Advanced Data Recovery Authorized Service Center.
  • You can advertise and market your data recovery services as an ADR Authorized Data Recovery Service Center.
  • If you bring in a client of your own you still get paid 10% when the customer pays ADR for recovery.
  • We will create a local Google map listing and Google Plus page for data recovery services in your area which will help us both drive more business and build credibility.

To become an Advanced Data Recovery Authorized Data Recovery Service Center you must meet the criteria below...
  • You must have an approved storefront or office. A virtual office or home office is not acceptable.
  • Customers must be able to walk in during normal business hours.
  • You need to be willing to pick up a drive or server from a client's location.
  • You must be willing to periodically work after hours in the case of an emergency job.
  • You must have a business license if required by your city.
  • You need to provide pictures of your storefront or office that we can post on our websites.
  • You must be honest, dependable and really care about your clients.
  • You must have a clean criminal record. A background check will be performed.

Give us a call or sign up here to start the process of becoming an Advanced Data Recovery Authorized Service Center today!
Call 1-800-228-8800.

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