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Hard Drive Crash

Hard Drive Crash: hard drive clicking, not recognized in BIOS?

Symptoms of a Crashed Hard Drive
If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you must turn off your system now! This will prevent further damage to the hard drive reduce the risk of making your data unrecoverable!

Hard drive is clicking...
or makes scraping/grinding sounds BIOS does not recognize the drive External hard drive, laptop or system was dropped or jarred The computer was subjected to water or fire or smoke damage When a hard drive experiences any of these symptoms, it normally results in internal and physical damage to the read/write heads and or the platters.

The heads do not rest on the hard drive platters during operation. During normal operation the heads ride on a micro-cushion of air that prevents them from touching the platter surfaces. When a hard drive is contaminated by dust, smoke or water the heads begin scratching the platter surfaces and results in data loss. If you or a "computer technician" keep turning it off and on trying to get it to boot or access the data by slaving it to another system you are causing more damage and could lose ALL your data!

Clicking Hard Drive - a very serious symptom of a hard drive crash...
When a hard drive starts clicking, grinding and making unusual sounds it's like hearing a rattle snake in the grass: If you keep messing around you will get bit and the results can be disastrous!

The fact is...
When you experience a hard drive crash you need to answer these three questions:

  • How will it affect me and my company if I lose this data?
  • What will it cost in dollars and down-time to re-enter this data?
  • Can I recreate this data if I need or want to?

You wouldn't trust your orthodontist to perform brain surgery... When it comes to recovering vital data from a crashed hard drive, you need to choose a company that has the experience, training, and equipment necessary to recover your files. That's why companies and organizations like Boeing, Safeway, Raytheon and The American Cancer Society choose ADR Data Recovery, Inc., and so should you.

We have successfully recovered data from the most common hard drive manufacturers, including: