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Exclusive Offer For Comprehensive Data Recovery
Comprehensive Data Recovery For Laptop Hard Drives Only $499!
(Up to 70% of laptop drives can be recovered under our Comprehensive service)

Comprehensive Data Recovery For Desktop Hard Drives Only $499!
(Up to 70% of desktop drives can be recovered under our Comprehensive service)

Comprehensive Data Recovery For External Hard Drives Only $499!
(Up to 70% of external drives can be recovered under our Comprehensive service)

Comprehensive Data Recovery For RAID Hard Drives Only $599 per drive!
(approximately 85% of RAID drives can be recovered under our Comprehensive service)

Advanced Data Recovery's Comprehensive Data Recovery Service pricing is per drive: laptop, desktop, internal, external AND RAID hard drives of any size.

*SSD Drives Are $200 additional per drive.

The typical time frame for recovering your data under our Comprehensive Data Recovery service is 3 to 5 business days (not guaranteed). Your recovery may be faster or take longer depending on the capacity of your hard drive. Larger drives take longer to recover than smaller drives. If you need your data back faster you should choose our emergency data recovery service.

Our Comprehensive Data Recovery Service Recovers Data From These Situations:
  • Weak heads
  • Minor platter damage/bad sectors
  • Firmware damage and corruption
  • Electrical failures
  • Logical failures
  • Reformatted
  • Deleted Files
  • Any size drive

In some situations your drive may have experienced more severe failure that requires Exhaustive or invasive cleanroom procedures in order to get your drive reading so we can extract your files. In these cases we will contact you before proceeding with exhaustive data recovery procedures because it is a more costly process. We will give you the option to stop the process or continue with recovery. Remember that most recoveries fall under our Comprehensive service and only a small percentage require invasive, Exhaustive procedures.

You might be wondering why we can offer these low, flat rate prices when other data recovery companies quote you a broad price range like $500 to $2900 or $300 to $1700 and even much higher to recover RAID hard drives.

Here's how and why we can give you this level of service for these prices...
  • We have years of experience. We've been recovering data from hard drives since 1997
  • We care about our clients and believe in treating you fair. Just because your data is valuable and you are experiencing an unexpected and stressful situation doesn't mean you should pay a high price to get it back. We have found that by treating customers fairly they recommend us to their friends and associates.
  • Because of our experience we know the percentage of drives that require various procedures so our prices are based on that

Besides Comprehensive Data Recovery Service, you also get FREE shipping. We provide you with a prepaid shipping label so all you have to do is print it, package your drive and take it to your nearest UPS store, drop box or shipping station.

You also get the lowest possible price for this level of data recovery anywhere!

If you find a company that meets the criteria above, we guarantee to beat their price.

To begin the recovery process: Call 1.800.450.9282 to get your work order and prepaid shipping label so you can get your drive to our lab and get your data recovered.

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We recover laptop hard drives, internal and external hard drives

We recover data from all hard drive brands and server manufacturers...

Dell Hewlett Packard
Buffalo Compaq
IBM Lacie
Seagate Western Digital
Apple / Mac Drobo
Iomega Active Storage
Gateway Maxtor
Acer Netgear
OWC Quantum
Microsoft Synology
QNAP Promise Technology

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