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Cleanroom Data Recovery

The Class 100 Clean Room
Hard drives that are clicking, beeping or making unusual sounds require clean room recovery procedures in order to achieve the highest probability for a successful recovery. The pcb controller, heads and platter surfaces are checked and tested for scratches, scoring, correct calibration, ohm readings and failed chips.

Rom chips and hard drive firmware are checked for consistency and to be sure the correct modules are loaded (N40P errors, bios recognizing the wrong parameters, drive size, truncated model and serial numbers are indicators of corrupt firmware and modules). The spindle motor is tested for proper rotation, speed, alignment and frozen or damaged bearings (alignment issues and frozen bearings are the toughest problems to overcome. Fortunately, they are fairly rare).

Servo mechanisms are used for sensing element, amplifier, and servomotor of the hard drive. We use high-power microscopes, special dies and sophisticated equipment to look at and test the servos to determine whether they have been damaged or overwritten. Data shifting and servo overwrites usually prevent complete recovery. Files are truncated, structures are lost and require extensive rebuilding in order to recover any good data at all.

In these cases we do our best to recover your most critical files. When testing is complete, faulty parts are replaced and the correct firmware is loaded. Then an engineer will test the drive to see if it is running properly and reading the file structure. If it does, all the data is pulled from the drive to healthy drive or server in the form of an image or sector-by-sector clone so your data can be recovered and safely verified without the risk of your drive going down again.

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