Advanced Hard Drive Recovery for Boston

If your external hard drive stopped working...
You can't access files on your computer...
Your computer won't boot...

...We guarantee to save your data or you pay nothing...

Comprehensive Data Recovery for Boston
       This month only $400 to $600!



In most cases we can save your files and recover your data with our Comprehensive Service...
This Comprehensive Data Recovery Service utilizes our most advanced equipment to work around errors, bypass bad areas and overcome problems that keep your computer from working. Your files can usually be saved without extreme invasive procedures.

Unlike computer repair shops, our first priority is to save your data, not fix your computer. Computers are easily replaced. Data is not. From once-in-a-lifetime pictures to critical business files and documents, financial data to client data and patient records, we understand how important your files are to you. That's why we give you a no data recovered, no charge guarantee.

Our engineers do not put your data at further risk because an image or clone of your hard drive is created first thing. We do that to maximize the amount of data recovered in case your hard drive suffers a catastrophic failure while trying to save your files.

Think of it like this...
Your computer guru or local computer repair shop is like a well trained family doctor. We are like heart and brain surgeons. Let us save your files then you can let your computer guru get your computer up and running.

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Boston Data Recovery Services

Recovering files and critical data for Boston, Newton, Waltham, Cambridge, Quincy, Lynn
And Surrounding Areas in Massachusetts Since 1999
Boston, MA 02110


Successfully recovering data for Boston businesses and individuals since 1999...

  • FREE Diagnosis! There's no charge to get your drive tested.
  • Failed hard drive recovery
  • Laptop data recovery
  • External hard drive recovery
  • We recover data from all flash drives
  • We recover RAID data, SQL databases, accounting data, medical records and patient files
  • Lost pictures, genealogy, historical data or special projects? We recover those too
  • Our No Risk Guarantee means if we can't recover your data you don't pay a dime!
  • For emergency and time-critical RAID and server failures, ask about 24/7 service

Providing Advanced Data Recovery For Boston Businesses and Individuals Since 1999

...We guarantee to save your files or it won't cost you a dime...

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